Treasurers Banking and Investments Software: 

Banking and Investments
This program tracks all investments from checking/saving accounts to certificates of deposit contained in numerous financial institutions.  With this software you can update, view, and print the investment interest and principle.

Listed below are features of these modules:

File Maintenance
  • Data Files Contain Institution names, Account Number, and Beginning Balances
  • Transactions Build on the Data Files to Create a Detail History for each Account
  • Each Financial Institution is Assigned a Number
  • Two Digit Codes Assigned to Each Type of Investment
  • Enter and Update Investment Interest Payments
  • Update Interest Payments to Treasurers Accounting
  • Update Interest, Deposits, and Withdrawals for Investments
  • Purge Investment History
  • Re-Number Certificates
  • Determine the Extent of History Contained on the System

Listings and Inquiries
  • Active Investments
  • Matured Investments
  • Year to Date Interest for Investments
  • Interest Received for all Investments
  • Calendar of Investment by Due Date
  • Investment by maturing Date Range
  • Investment by Given Maturity Date
  •  Inquiry into Active Investments by
    • Investment Type
    • Investments that do not have a Redeemed Date
  • Inquiry into Investment History by
    • Certificate Number
    • Investment Type
    • Bank the Investment is in

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