Recorders Records Management Software:

Records Management
The "Solutions", Inc. Records Management System for Recorders preserves valuable records and conserves space by identifying record types and locations, and in turn separating the valuable records from the disposable records. This program uses the Iowa County Records Manual as a guide to track specific record location and retention information. Some of the dates the system tracks include Legal, Physical, Administrative, and Historical Retention.

Listed below are features of these modules:
User Defined Codes
  • Iowa County Records Manual Code Types or You can Modify the Code to Suit each Jurisdiction
  • Record Type and Retention Schedule Files
  • User Defined Descriptions for Locations or Record Types
  • Each Location can be Broken Down Into Sub Locations

Unique Record Types
  • Unique by Office
  • Contain Retention Schedules
  • Multiple Locations and Media Types
  • Unlimited Comments
  • Audited Records Have an Audit Date For Calculating Date of Destruction

Inquiries and Printouts
  • Reports can be Printed Directly from an Inquiry Screen or Menu Option
  • All Records Eligible for Destruction can be Inquired on a Selected Date
  • Inquire by
    •  Office
    • Document type
    • Date and Location
    • Media Type and Status
  • Available Generated Printouts
    • Location Listing by Code or Description
    • Media Listing by Code or Description
    • List of Master Records by Various Fields
    • Report on all Destroyed Records
    • Report on all Records to be Destroyed by Office and Location

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