Recorders Indexing Software: 

The Recorder/Registrar of Deeds Office maintains the management of the documents within the county. "Solutions", Inc. Document Indexing program includes Indexing of Instruments, Image Indexing, and integration with our Accounts Receivable Application. This program provides a comprehensive solution for the storage and retrieval of all documents handled.

Listed below are features of these modules:

  • Information Entered with Record Key
    • Document Type
    • Time of Recording/Filing
    • Fees Collected
    • Book and Page
    • Returned to Name/Address
    • Charged to Information
    • Legal Description
    • parcel Number
    • Grantor/Grantee Names
  • Stored and Retrieved Documents
    • Deeds and Mortgages
    • Contracts and Amendments
    • Assignments and Releases
    • Plats
    • Military Discharges
    • Other Miscellaneous Documents
  • Features
    • Request Labels for Each Name/Address
    • Number System for Grantor/Grantee
    • Eliminates Retyping Names
    • Documents can be Marked as Returned
    • Delete Document Number and all Information Attached to it
    • Numbers or Abbreviations may be Used to Index a Document
    • Cross Reference Automatically Links Multiple Documents

Reports and Listings
  • Recorders Fee Book
  • Grantor/Grantee Index
  • Parcel Number Index
  • Transfer Tax Report
  • Quarterly Report of Fees
  • Journal File Report
  • Monthly Report of Fees for the State

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