Monitored Services:

What Is Monitored Services
Monitored Services is designed to keep your personal computers and servers running efficiently by executing daily performance and monitoring activities. This service is automated from our office and will proactively diffuse potential problems by notifying our technical staff before those problems have a chance to adversely affect your network.
Why Do I Need It
Today’s Complex IT environment often requires significant amounts of time and money spent struggling with essential daily IT management. Whether it concerns administrative, operational or maintenance tasks, Monitored Services is designed to alleviate this burden so that you can focus on activities and IT resources that will contribute directly to your financial health.
What Does It Include?
  • Proactive, versus reactive, troubleshooting from certified technicians to maximize cost effectiveness and reduce service time
  • Tracking of all devices on your network through model, brand, operating system, etc. and tracking of all licenses installed on all computers in your network by version release and service pack as required by GAP Accounting, HIPAA and Business Disaster Recovery
  • Monitoring of network performance by providing statistical evaluation of network bandwidth, network utilization and CPU utilization to identify why certain computers may be running slow and where the problem is stemming from
  • Performance of daily scripted operations, such as disk clean-up and defragmentation
  • Monitoring of Microsoft Critical Updates by reviewing necessary critical updates on each computer to ensure compatibility with existing applications. Updates will be installed remotely as needed without the need for on-site service
  • Management of your Firewalls, Mail Servers and Symantec Anti-Virus Corporate Edition or End Point services
  • Quarterly reporting of statistical information regarding your network, personal computers, servers and web usage

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