Engineers Sign Inventory Software:

Sign Inventory
By storing information, this program tracks your sign inventory and inspection records. With a user-controlled aspect of sign inventory you can customize this program to the specific need of your jurisdiction. This process provides you with the flexibility to utilize enhancements that will ease your day-to-day workload.

Listed below are features of these modules:

Master Record
  • Section, Township, Range, or Actual Route Number can be Used as Sign Number
  • Simple Route Numbers Facilitate Quick and Easy Sign Identification
  • Master Record Information for Each Sign Including:
    • Location and Position
    • Assembly and MUTCD Number
    • Shape, Size and Color
    • Reflectivity
    • Visibility
    • Installation Date
    • Last Inspection Information

User Defined Codes
  • System of Codes for Sign Component Descriptions
  • Command Key for Easy Lookup
  • Description Code to Build Sign Records
    • Shape and Color
    • Condition and Lateral Direction
    • Reflectivity and Visibility
    • Post Type and Condition
    • Warranty

Reports and Listings
  • Sign Inventory Master File Listing Inspection Worksheet
  • Route and Inspection Edit Lists
  • Reports of Sign Totals by MUTCD Code
  • Listings for Various Description Code Files
  • Used to Record Condition of Individual Signs AND Sign Posts

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