Engineers Parts Inventory Software:

Parts Inventory
This flexible, user-friendly system tracks parts and materials inventory for an Engineer or Highway Road Department by providing a physical inventory count process. The "Solutions", Inc. DOT Accounting System interfaces to this inventory package.

Listed below are features of these modules:
Transaction File
  • Order Parts and Materials
  • Receive Parts and Materials
  • Move Parts and Materials
  • Use and Issue Parts and Materials
  • Adjust Parts and Materials
  • Inventory Transaction Register Prints Daily Transactions and Updates and Posts Transactions to Master File
  • Quantity on Hand Posts to the Physical Balance at Year End

Tracking and Group Items
  • Parts and Materials Used are Reduced from the Inventory When Entry is Made
  • Related Inventory Items are Grouped Together Using a "Group" Number
  • Similar Parts and Inventory are Listed Together on Reports
  • Tracks Information by:
    • Shop Location
    • Number of Items on Hand
    • Average and Cost per Item
    • Last Transaction Date
    • Receipt Number

Reports and Listings
  • Physical County Worksheet is Generated by:
    • Item Number Range
    • Shop Location
    • Bin and/or Group Number
  • Stock Status Report Prints Inventory by:
    • Inventory Number Range
    • Grouping Number
    • Shop/Warehouse Number
    • Inactive Inventory Items
  • Other Reports Include:
    • Transaction History Report to Keep You Current With ALL Orders
    • Suggested Order Report to Compare On Hand Amount to the "Minimum"
    • Open Order Report to List ALL Orders With an "Open" Status

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