Engineers Equipment Records Software:

Equipment Records
This integrated system tracks the costs for equipment, roads and depreciation. By integrating with the "Solutions", Inc. DOT Accounting and Inventory program, it saves you valuable time by eliminating duplicate entry.

Plus, all of the following features:

DOT Integration
  • The Costs are Updated During Claim Entry in DOT Accounting
  • The Same Road/Equipment Numbers are Used During Payroll Entry

Inventory Integration
  • An Item Brought in from the Inventory Files for Equipment will Transfer Inventory Information to the Equipment Files
  • Last Cost, Average Cost, or Key in an Override Amount for the Inventory Item

Reports and Listings
  • Equipment Detail or Summary forms Print by:
    • Equipment
    • Class-Equipment
    • Location-Equipment Order
  • Road Detail or Summary Forms Print by:
    • Road and Location
    • Road Surface Types
  • Equipment Cost Reports are Selected by:
    • Location and class
    • Type
    • Date Range
    • Printed Equipment Number or Location Order
  • Road Cost Reports are Selected by:
    • Section and Township
    • Range and Location
    • Date and Type
    • Road Number
    • Printer Road Number or Location Number

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