Engineers Accounting and Payroll Software:

Accounting and Payroll
The "Solutions", Inc. DOT Accounting and Payroll program provides a detailed and comprehensive bookkeeping system for the Engineer and/or Highway Road Department.

Listed below are features of these modules:

DOT Accounting
  • Budget by DOT-Object-Project Number Combination
  • Track Projects with Total Bid, Adjustments and Range of Dates
  • Claims with DOT, Object, and Project Numbers
  • Inventory, Equipment and Road Files are Updated as Claims are Filed
  • Handwritten Warrants
  • Selections Can Be Listed By:
    • DOT Number
    • Object or Project Number
    • Month
    • Auditor Function Number
    • Detailed or Summary Report
    • Expense Status Summary
    • Detail Monthly Expenses
    • Budget Worksheet
    • Proposed Expenditures

  • Enter Information to Run Payroll by DOT Number
  • Automatically Updates Accounting Files
  • Provides Engineers with Access to Their Payroll Processing and Files
  • Longevity Pay
  • Deferred Compensation Plan
  • Multiple Health Insurance
  • Garnishments
  • Cafeteria or Pre-Tax Plans
  • County/Employee Shared Deductions
  • Earnings, Deductions and Accumulated Leaves
  • Payroll Register for Proof of Payroll Detail
  • Edit Listings

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