Auditors Payroll Software:

The Payroll Software provides a comprehensive and flexible method for processing, maintaining, listing, and inquiring to your payroll records. Some of the highlighted areas include salary and wage rates, employee tracking, payroll plans and deductions, and reports and listings.

Salary Employees
  • Can Earn Hourly, Overtime, Double Time, and Longevity Wages
  • Can Have Wages and Benefits Split Into different Accounts

Employee Time Tracking
  • Eight Different Types of Leave Time Can be Tracked for Each Employee
  • Leave Time can be Calculated on a Specific Date, Per Hours Worked, or Years of Employment

Payroll Plans and Deductions
  • Automatically Voids Payroll Warrants
  • Deferred Compensation Plans
  • Multiple Health Insurance Plans
  • Garnishment and Other Deductions
  • Cafeteria and Pretax Flex Plans
  • Employee Deductions can be Divided Between Pay Periods
  • ACH Availability

Reports and Listings
  • Quarterly Reports for Retirement Plans and Unemployment
  • Quarterly Wage and Withholding summaries
  • Annual Reports Include W-2s
  • Multiple Payrolls can be Processed in a New Fiscal Year when the Prior Fiscal Years Accounting has not been Completed

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