Auditors Fixed Assets Software:

Fixed Assets
This Inventory System has the capability to serve all departments individually or as a centralized inventory department. The key to each inventory record is the department and the item number. The program incorporates user-defined codes and integrates with Accounts Payable to provide the County the necessary information for budgeting purposes. By image enabling this program, you can scan in related documents for easy storage and retrieval.

System Benefits
  • Department to Department Processing
  • Displays all Inventories on Record
  • Improves County Control of Resources
  • Provides Accurate Purchase Records
  • Enhances Planning Capabilities
  • Tracks Inventory and Vendor Performance
  • Flexible User-Defined Status and Asset Codes
  • Worksheet Capabilities Facilitates Management of Inventory
  • Provides Information for Quality and Quantity Research Analysis at your Fingertips
  • Facilitates the Tracking of Inventory Levels and Costs
  • No Need for Manual Inventory Records

Printout Features
  • Print from the Main Maintenance Screen Using a Function Key
  • Print from Master Inventory File by Department or Account Code
  • Print by Department
    • Specify a Range of Departments
    • Reports the Status of Inventory
    • User-Defined Tracking Codes
  • Print by Account Code
    • Lists Expense or Asset Accounts
    • Lists a Range of Account Numbers
  • Account Numbers Consist of:
    • Fund
    • Function
    • Object
    • Department
    • Project and Sub-Project

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