Auditors Drainage Real Estate Software:

Drainage Real Estate
The Auditors and Treasurers Drainage Real Estate interact with one another. The drainage application is set-up with the Auditors Drainage and collected by the Treasurers drainage. Each application has its own reports and inquiries. Listed here are some features of both packages:

Auditors Drainage Real Estate
  • Each Parcel is Placed in a Specific District and Lateral
  • Standard Letters for Assessment Notices
  • Number of Acres Benefited, Units Assessed, and Average Percent Benefited are kept for each Parcel
  • Transactions Include Entry, Maintenance, Listing, and Levy Application of Drainage Real Estate
  • Prints Drainage Tax Rolls
  • Drainage Tax Rolls Indexed for Book and Page
  • Prints Statements by One-Time Payments
  • Prints Statements by Waive Payments over a Number of Years with Interest

Treasurers Drainage Tax Receipts
  • Collection in Advance or Future Installments on Drainage Levies
  • System Generates each Years Required Receipts upon Request
  • Drainage Tax Flows to Treasurers Accounting
    • For Balancing to a Cash Inventory
    • For Drainage Certificate Information
  • Listings You Can Receive
    • Paid and Due Reports
    • Delinquent Notices
    • Inclusion in the Tax Sale Publishing List
    • Waivered and Non-Waivered Projects

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