Software packages for Assessors:

Assessors Real Estate Software
With input from our clients, we have implemented a new meaning to our user defined, Internet enabled Real Estate Program.

Some of the enhancements include a County ID for all records, eight digit date fields, a "holding” position for year end, dashes between district and parcel numbers, built in ownership of transfers, a unique identifier to parcel number, user control over fields, and on-line history. 

Features include:

Maintenance Features
>>> GIS Number Field
>>> Larger Name Field
>>> Larger Mailing Address Field
>>> User Defined Partial Exemptions
>>> Six Digit Book and Page Field
>>> Instrument Date
>>> Age of Dwelling Field—Comments File Entry
>>> Lot-Size Field—Comments File Entry
>>> Parcels Identify Treasurer Tax Sale
>>> Keeps Track of Name/Address Field

Code and Listings Features
>>> One Step Completion for Homestead
>>> Military and Miscellaneous Codes
>>> More Military Codes
>>> War Code Lookup
>>> Date and Timestamp on Reports
>>> Listings Done on Laser Printers

Expanded Features
>>> Comments Attached to Each Reconciliation Record
>>> Consistent Tax District Number of TIF Districts
  Unlimited Number of...
>>> Owners on a Parcel of Property
>>> Value Types Used by County
>>> Values Assigned to a Parcel of Property
>>> Comments Kept on a Parcel of Property
>>> Applications Allowed on a Parcel Of Property

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